Jacopo Iotti and Mario Cardamone are well known as Jamahr, both of them born in Biella, a small city between Turin and Milan. They started their cooperation in 2008, and they grown together sharing the same music passion. Turin, in particular, was really important for their artistic carreer since there the guys started to get in touch with electronic scene worlds listening and learning from the most important artist of the level of: tINI, Villalobos, Luciano,Raresh,Martin Buttrich,Guti,Livio &Roby, Premiesku, and a lots of others important artist.
As regard to their first step in their native city, Biella, already in their teens they was completely charmed about music and night-life in general and properly in their small city they began to frequent party and from time to time they started to playing in front of the public. Season 2010/2011 was really important for their music career, since together with some friends, they created their first official party called “Warehouse” at Koko live club, one of the most popular club in the city. Thanks to that party the guys grown and get in touch with their first fans and they guest a lots of famous dj.
Living in a small city like Biella, was the incentive for trying to make more for became more popular in others realities. In addition to their party, at the same time, motivated from their music passion, they started to work hard creating new music sounds and studying new productions. As soon as released their first EP in small music label, finally in 2012 happened the first success : they was involved in KINA MUSIC, RE-Up’s label.
That release gave a lots of opportunities to Jamahr involving them in other famous music labels such as Earlydub, Bodyparts, Monday Morning, Inmotion, HEISENBERG and 3 vinyl records releases on Innocent music, Limited and Act Fact.
During these lasts years, thanks to the hard work and the positive influences, in Italy the played at: Veniceberg, Classic Club, Doctor Sax to say some, or beyond italian borders at Bar 512 (London, UK), Random (Limburg, BE), ƎElektrische (Nice, FR) Bass N Smile (Bienne, CH), Playground Lounge ( Bern, CH), Club Schlaflos (Aarau, CH), Klub K4 ( Ljubljana, SLO) and ARCO Club ( Barcelona, ES) for the Sonar 2016.



Natural Guests_003 - Jamahr [Earlydub/Kina Music/Heisenberg]
#46 KbF Radio - Jamahr (Earlydub, Kina Music, Heisenberg | IT)