• Release Date 28 Dec 2015
  • Catalogue HSBRG012
  • Saktu Heisenberg
    ELYSIAN is my pick
  • Petar Cvetkovic brosh
    thank you
  • Just_Me 1Trax/Mumble/ Electronique
    Nice one, support for Dimitri, Elysian is my fav!
  • Someone Else Foundsound, Little Helpers, Get Physical
    nice ep
  • Soble no:words music
    nice groove... I'll try it .. thanks for the promo
  • gorbani ELARUM / MIND&VISION
    full support for my bro Dimitri! Thanks for the promo .
  • Anushka Arma17
    Loving Styx. Thank you!
  • 4Yo4U MINUS
    Both trax are great! Full support!
  • Dubphone Akbal Music / Time Has Changed
    support on Styx,thank you for the music!
  • Valeria Croft Meatbean,RARE
    Elysian sounds good for me.Thanks.
  • Thomas A.S. Cervidae Recordings
    nice both tracks
  • Costin Rp
    thanks for the music .
    good atmos here guys! supp
  • Superlounge All Day I Dream / Endless / Get Weird
    Thank you for the music! nice!
  • Enzo Leep (Rewire Musik)
    Styx for me, thanks! ^^
  • Maertz Konzentrisch Music
    Really nice music again by Dimitri, I will play for sure. Thanks!!!
  • HE DID Saint & Don't / Tzinah / Kina Music
    styx ! nicee
  • Jozhy K Tzinah Family, Mulen Records, Body Parts
    Elysian for me! Thank you!
  • Narada Reshape Agency
    doope stuff bro, will def try them out tonight !!
  • E.T.H (Italy) Kina Music/ Bodyparts/ Oblack Label
    Cool EP !! Thx :)
  • Yanee NewFact Music/ Recycle/ Savor music
    nice thanks!
  • Olivian Nour Melotherapy
    Elysian for me! Thanks for the music!
  • Kike Mayor Saint & Don't / BodyParts / Drumma
    Styx! Thank you!
  • Swoy ( djebali ), Overall Music
    thanks, Elysian for me
  • Hugo
    very nice. thanks.
  • Dilby Glasgow Underground / Mother Recordings /Bondage Music
    Cool stuff as always! Thx
  • pasha sigmatic Take Your Deep
    interesting atmosphere in both tracks
  • Sandro Kühne Sunday Breakfast Zurich
    nice groove, thx!
  • niki b Sonartek Wavetech Music , Serkal , Osmosis Audio
    support, thanks
  • Waxly 12INCH STORIES
    Elysian most liked! Thank you!
  • Nick Kobba Flat.FM
    Sick Music !)
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