Fougazy / Room 12 Worker Union
  • Release Date 19 Dec 2016
  • Catalogue HSBRG019
Worker Union - Fougazy
Worker Union - Room 12
  • Saktu Heisenberg
    deep & sexy
  • 4Yo4U MINUS
    Nice as always! Thanks!
    Absolutly stunning EP! both tracks are amazing, But Room 12 is the weapon of my choice
  • Dubphone Akbal Music / Time Has Changed
  • gorbani ELARUM / MIND&VISION
    Amazing traxx! Thanks for the promo...
  • Petar Cvetkovic brosh
    thank you
  • Deep Square Berg Audio
    nice release, thanks
  • SY EWax
    Great EP Thank you for sending, Full support!
  • pasha sigmatic Take Your Deep
    both tracks are good, thx for promo
  • Herr_music Yakazi
    nice release, will play for sure. thanks
  • Jozhy K Tzinah Family, Mulen Records, Body Parts
    Room 12 my pick here! Thank you!
  • Paco Osuna
    Will try thanks ;)
  • E.T.H (Italy) Kina Music/ Bodyparts/ Oblack Label
    Room 12 is very cool !! :)
  • Maertz Konzentrisch Music
    Really nice release as usual on Heisenberg. I will play for sure. Thanks!!!
  • Jamahr Kina music, Earlydub Records, BodyParts records
    Always good works from our French guys!! thanks
  • Adamov RESHAPE
    Very Nice! THX)
  • Olivian Nour Melotherapy
    Cool sound! Thanks!
  • Bronxy ÉTÉ / Elarum
    Will try for podcast. thanks !
  • Patrice Meiner
    derp derp derp! .....nice release! :)
  • Soble no:words music
    The second one for me .. really nice .. thanks
  • niki b Sonartek Wavetech Music , Serkal , Osmosis Audio
    Tnx for the music!!!
  • Costin Rp
  • Izhevski All Day I Dream
    Thanks :)
  • Satoshi Fumi
    love both.Quality!
  • Manuel De Lorenzi
    super tunes. will try both
  • Superlounge All Day I Dream / Endless / Get Weird
    Thank you for the music!
    will play both!
    thank you!
  • HE DID Saint & Don't / Tzinah / Kina Music
    room 12! nice track
  • Doubleight / 12 Inch Stories 12INCH STORIES
    good deep vibes, big thanks for music, will try both!
  • Julia Govor BodyParts, Hypertone, Coocon
    uplifting and playful. spasibo!
  • Re-UP (Leo) Kina Music
    nice deep vibez
  • Medu Tip Tap Records
    Room 12 is cool thanks!
  • Ki.Mi. Danse Club / Moon Harbour / Haunt / iTech Ss
    great tracks
  • Sergey Sanchez Highway records / Propaganda club
    ROOM 12 4 Me / Thanks!
  • Kike Mayor Saint & Don't / BodyParts / Drumma
    Thank you!!
  • DJ Primat Kootz / Heisenberg
    Cool tracks, Great EP!! Both tracks for me
    Thanks a lot
  • UGLH
    Nice thx
  • Damian Lazarus Crosstown Rebels
    Listening now. x
  • Agoria
    Dowloaded for Agoria,
    Thanks for the music!
  • Moreon & Baffa Visionquest, Subwax BCN
    Thanks for sharing, Nice tracks, Support!
    very nice songs!
  • Thomas A.S. Cervidae Recordings
    Room 12 for me !
  • Waxly 12INCH STORIES
    Beautiful. Thank's!
  • Yanee NewFact Music/ Recycle/ Savor music
    nice tracks! will play for sure, thank you!
  • Electric Megapolis 89,5 FM Moscow
    very nice both tracks, thank you
  • the mekanism Exploited, Needwant, play it say it , suruba, noir, strictly rhythm
    Downloaded for The Mekanism
    Amazing EP !
  • Narada Reshape Agency
    nice ep!!
    Room 12 really nice!
    Nice and deep!!
  • Patrice Meiner
    love it! ©  Cookies Policy

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